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Here you will find information, videos, tips, and guides as well as recommended products and reviews. if you simply want to get advice on how and where to hike, the equipment you’ll need and how to enjoy it immensely, this is the place for you.

The site is frequently updated with latest news and tips so we recommend you check back often and see what we have posted might be helpful to you.

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OK, so who are we really?

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Hello. We’re Jack and Nancy McCarron from New Hampshire, USA. Jack is a 70 year old retired space electronics engineer, and Nancy is 69 year old retired mental health worker. We retired in 1998, sold our home in New Hampshire, and took off in a Recreational Vehicle (RV) to explore our beautiful United States of America. We are avid hikers, horseback riders and ATVers. We just love exploring (and blazing) trails everywhere we go.

Part of our “Life is an Adventure” activities includes stopping long enough in a number of our favorite locations around the country to temporarily “settle in”. You see, although we’re full -time RVers, we dislike RV campgrounds. They’re too crowded and noisy for us and are most often NOT horse friendly..

We’re country people who like privacy and quiet seclusion. So we decided to buy land in the areas we like best, and to build our own “personal campgrounds” for ourselves and our two horses. In most of these spots we built a small barn for the horses in addition to the RV hookups for our RV. In a couple places we actually built a house for ourselves. However, after learning all the horse and hiking trails and visiting other attractions in the area, we’d start to get “itchy feet” – so we sold most of those properties, and moved on once again. Remember, Life’s an Adventure! (I think the phrase “Life’s an adventure – or nothing at all” was first attributed to Helen Keller. What an awesome attitude from an awesome woman!)

To hear more about our travels and adventures please read and subscribe to our The Nature of Hiking website. (See the Subscription box in the sidebar.)

Thank you!
Jack and Nancy McCarron


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