Mystery Bird of November – SOLVED

27 Jan
Mystery Bird of November

Mystery Bird of November – by Sergiu Bacioiu on Flickr

What amazing color! Looks like a band on the right leg, so someone must be able to identify this beauty. Great photography Sergiu.

OK, someone, tell us who he is…

And again, many thanks to Jay at for identifying this beautiful mystery bird as the Brazilian Tanager (Ramphocelus bresilius) from, you guessed it, Brazil, occurring in the coastal region from Paraíba and southwards to Santa Catarina.  Jay has turned out to be our long-sought expert in identifying many mystery birds from around the world. Great work, Jay.

Brazilian Tanager -

Brazilian Tanager –

This Tanager behaves aggressively towards other species of birds when disputing for food. Its native habitat is coastal “restingas” — forests which form on sand, acidic, and nutrient-poor soils — but they can sometimes be seen in cities with large, well-wooded parks.They are normally found near water, either the ocean or a river.

The male’s plumage is bright red with black wings and tail feathers. They also have a white spot at the base of their short, strong beak. They acquire this attractive plumage in their second year. The female is slightly duller. Brazilian Tanagers are frugivores, meaning their diet consists exclusively of fruits.

They build a cup shaped nest on branches or hidden amongst foliage in trees. The entrance is usually on the side of the nest. The clutch size is 3-5 greenish-blue, black-spotted eggs which the female incubates alone for 13 days. The chicks fledge 14-17 after hatching but only become fully independent some 3 weeks later. Each pair produces 2-3 clutches per season.

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