African Crowned Crane

08 Aug

African Crowned Crane

African Crowned Crane

Wow, that lightening strike was close!!

During their mating ritual two African Crowned Cranes (Balearica pavonin) hop and jump gracefully together, their wings partly spread. Then they open their wings fully, bow to each other, and jump several feet in the air. When they land, they run around each other and start all over again. Crowned cranes have a guttural grunt and a trumpeting call.

They are the only cranes to perch in trees, preferring solitary trees in open areas. Living in Kenya, Natal, Uganda, and Namibia, Africa, they are omnivores. Their diet consists of eating insects, frogs, snakes, fish, worms and eggs as well as plants, grain and seeds. They have a habit of stamping as they walk to flush insects from the grass.

All in all, a beautiful and amusing bird.

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